how does that elton john song go, the one about poetry saving your life

Cooking up some accepted submissions the last few weeks and getting ready for Spring to take off (I think everyone is SO ready). 

I will be one of three featured poets in the May issue of Right Hand Pointing, so I will be sure to link that here in the blog.  RHP is such a fun online journal – have you seen it?  The poems are all very small, so it just turned out that I had the perfect manuscript to submit.  I sent in ten poems from an Ars Poetica chapbook manuscript and they selected six pieces – but I have no idea which!  So I can’t wait to see what they picked and who the other two female poets are. 

Six of my Little House pieces will be in an upcoming issue of Menacing Hedge.  This journal is phenomenal.  It is one of the few journals I will actually sit down with and listen to every single poem.  It is so hard to publish themed pieces sometimes, especially when they are experimental or operate outside of the narrative norm and MH really caters to project pieces in chunks.  So this one is really fabulous.  The manuscript itself is “In Progress” in a few different places – and don’t get me started on what a labor of love this one has been.  This orphan just needs a good home.

One of my poems will be in an upcoming issue of Sugar House Review.  This emoticon says it all    :O

I also had a fun poem about a witch (well, ok, it’s not really about a witch) accepted by mojo, which is the very neat online journal run by the graduate program at Witchita State.  Their print journal, Mikrokosmos, also asked to reprint this poem in their 60th journal.  Wow, right?  For this one I have to make a video of me reading the poem which, I am embarrassed to admit, will probably be the first time I’ll put on make-up in about five long wintry months.  It’s nuts to think about being printed in the same journal William S. Burroughs was once printed in.  How’s that for some funny juju?  They invited me to their release part in April, but there has been a pretty severe case of empty pocket syndrome going on around here.

Ok what else…  Oh! The Midwestern Quarterly Review also accepted a poem to be published in their print edition later this year.  That is such a neat acceptance.  I’m excited to see the journal, since they don’t publish strictly poetry every year.  This journal is out of Pittsburgh State University.  That’s Pittsburgh, Kansas.  I swear I did not intentionally target Kansas publications.  It just happened that way.

Other than poetry, I have a few book reviews coming out here and there.  One was accepted by Rain Taxi, which is, c’mon, Rain Taxi!  Like, I actually get to say in my bio that my work is forthcoming with RAIN TAXI?!  Wow. 

So those are most of my irons in the fire!  My chapbook “Meaningful Fingers” with Finishing Line Press will go into pre-sales at the end of this Month so I am figuring out how to turn myself into a marketing machine.  Yes, get ready to hear about that and often.  I’m sorry in advance.  In April I will be speaking with a local high school class of creative writers about writing and publishing poetry and I am so excited, it’s ridiculous.  I wish wish wish someone had talked to me about the ins and outs of publishing poetry – gee, you think that would have been covered in my MFA program?  Hah. 

The mighty anvillian weight (yes that’s a made up word, poetic license) of NaPoWriMo is upon me and I am feeling the crunch.  I’m running in place and I’m sweating like a pig (ironic note: pigs don’t actually sweat) and it occurs to me that NaPoWriMo really should take place in the winter when you’re stuck indoors with a newly minted toddler because then you could feel like you have some PURPOSE each day.  Not that I don’t find meaning in making the perfect scrambled egg.  I’m just ready for sunnier horizons.

5 thoughts on “how does that elton john song go, the one about poetry saving your life

  1. You have been busy … congratulations on all the acceptances. Please be sure to link to all the ones you can, because I’d love to read them all.

  2. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the
    bokk in it or something. I think thwt you can do with a
    few pics to drive the message home a bit,
    but instewad of that, this is excellent blog. A great read.
    I’ll certainl be back.

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