I am trying to pre-sell 14 more copies in order to secure a press run of 250 printed copies. If you’re interested, you can purchase my forthcoming chapbook “Meaningful Fingers” with Finishing Line Press here.

Thanks! Back to our scheduled poem a day program..

7 thoughts on “PROMOTION MACHINE

  1. Done. Do you know if they charge for the book now, or in July when it’s released? Just curious …

    And, of course, the burning question is: are they autographed? you know … for when you win the Pulitzer …. and then I can sell it on ebay for lots of money. :-) :-)

    • Ha! I believe they charge now and unfortunately it won’t be signed, but if I’m ever doing a reading in your area… :)

      Thanks so much for re blogging this, too. I’m so taken by the support. It feels great. Xo

  2. Reblogged this on Johnbalaya and commented:
    My blogger friend, Lauren, over at “My Brain is the Cliff” writes beautifully rich and thoughtful poetry, as well as essays about life as a mom — and, no, she’s not just another “mom blogger”. Her honesty and her humor gives her writing a dimension that is often lacking in blogs.
    Anyway ….
    She is selling a chapbook of her poems “Meaningful Fingers” … it’s due out in July. Stop by her blog, take a look, and consider helping out a marvelously talented writer.

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